Hybrid Program Delivery

UConn’s Graduate Programs in HRM are offered in a distinctive format that combines the best of on-campus and online learning.  This innovative approach enables students to focus on one course at a time while still completing the MSHRM degree in twenty months on a part-time basis.  It also helps you reach your goals more effectively by building key business skills in a variety of settings.

Online modules seamlessly integrate multimedia course materials with webcasts, online chat, discussion boards, and virtual office hours to engage and excite students.  On-campus Saturday Seminars expand beyond the coursework by including live discussions with business leaders and industry experts, team projects, case roundtables, and peer interaction. UConn’s custom approach blends the flexibility and customization of online learning with the interactivity and connectivity of on-campus seminars.

Online modules expand your writing skills, while in-person seminars provide the opportunity to engage with peers, present ideas, and sharpen speaking and listening skills.  Businesses need people who work effectively as individuals and in a team. Today’s leaders need not only strong communication and teamwork skills, but they also need the ability to effectively plan and manage projects and to approach problems in a strategic manner.  Hybrid learning helps you expand these in-demand management skills.  

The net result is an education by a nationally ranked school that builds core capabilities, management skills, business acumen, and knowledge about managing human resources strategically.