Many of the Frequently Asked Questions about our program are:

  1. I have never taken a hybrid course before. How does it work?
  2. What courses do you offer?
  3. What are the Saturday Seminars, and how many are there?
  4. What is the registration process?
  5. Are there program prerequisites ?
  6. What is the program calendar?
  7. Where can I learn more about a course?
  8. What kind of support is available?
  9. I’m registered for my hybrid course. How do I access it?
  10. Does UConn have a fully online HRM program?

I have never taken a hybrid course before. How does it work?

Our hybrid courses blend the best of online and on-campus learning.  Online modules seamlessly integrate multimedia course materials with webcasts, online chat, discussion boards, and virtual office hours to engage and excite students. On-campus Saturday Seminars expand beyond the coursework by including guest lectures from business leaders and industry experts, team projects, case discussions, and peer interaction. UConn’s custom approach blends the flexibility and customization of online learning with the interactivity and connectivity of on-campus seminars.

The online components are in an asynchronous format using HuskyCT, UConn’s branded course platform that is built upon Blackboard.  Blackboard is a learning management system used by thousands of universities around the world, and provides a single home for webcasts, discussion boards, and assignment submission.  HuskyCT is available from any web browser or as an app for your Android or iOS device.

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What courses do you offer?

Our HRM courses are offered exclusively to our MSHRM cohort and students admitted to our Advanced Business Certificate in HR Management.  In exceptional circumstances, we may consider admitting a select student from UConn’s MBA programs into our classes through your program advisor.  For an overview of the program including a sample sequence of courses, please see the MSHRM Program Overview.

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What are the Saturday Seminars?

The Saturday Seminars, offered at our Graduate Business Learning Center in downtown Hartford, offer experiences that cannot be replicated in an online-only format.  We believe that the Saturday Seminars, a key component of UConn’s unique hybrid format, bring a depth and richness to the Graduate Programs in HRM by incorporating interactive case roundtables, guest speakers, small group breakouts, cohort discussions, and face-to-face seminars with our faculty.  Our faculty are experienced in teaching online and in person, and bring a wealth of knowledge to both methods of delivery.

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What is the registration process?

Because the MSHRM program is designed around a set sequence of courses, our program team will register you for courses a few weeks before the start each semester.  You can check your registration and your fee bill on PeopleSoft Student Administration.  We understand that at times, personal or professional obligations necessitate changes to your plan of study.  Please contact your advisor if you need to make a substitution for a class.

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Are there program prerequisites?

Our students come from different professional areas and have studied various undergraduate and graduate degrees, but all have a desire to become a more effective and knowledgeable leader in Human Resources.  We require that you have completed your baccalaureate program to be admitted to our programs and to meet all of our admissions criteria.  There is no prerequisite coursework for our HRM classes.

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 What is the program calendar?

Each cohort begins with a 4 hour orientation at the Graduate Business Learning Center in downtown Hartford in late August.  The 2021 Cohort calendar is found here: HRM 2021-23 Calendar.   Our fall and spring courses are offered over a seven week session, and our summer courses are six weeks long.  Each course syllabus guides you in staying on track with the course requirements, helping you to meet course requirements on time. It is important to log into your course as soon as it begins to start your readings and assignments.

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Where can I learn more about a course?

Course descriptions are available here.  Course syllabi, including required materials, assignments, and calendar, are posted to the course’s HuskyCT site and are available generally two weeks before the start of the semester.  If you have questions about a particular course, please contact us.

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What kind of support is available?

We offer a variety of support services to students in our Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management, including academic and technical support.

  • Academic support: If you have questions directly related to the course content, contact the instructor directly.
  • Technical support: Click here to go to technical support.
  • Advising: For all advising questions, please contact our HRM team at HRM@business.uconn.edu or 860-728-2400.

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I’m registered for my hybrid course. How do I access it?

You can see all of your course information by logging on to HuskyCT  at learn.uconn.edu.  You should see your course’s HuskyCT site under “My HuskyCT Classes.”  If you don’t see your course listed and you are within two weeks of the start of the fall, spring, or summer semester, please contact our HRM team at HRM@business.uconn.edu.

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Does UConn offer a fully online HRM program?

Not at this time. The previous online MPS HRM program went through a complete academic review by the School of Business in 2013. Every course was updated and redesigned and new courses were added.  Degree requirements, admissions, and program delivery were redesigned to reflect the changing role of Human Resources in organizations today and our students’ professional and personal goals. We developed the new MSHRM program in collaboration with industry leaders, faculty, subject matter experts, program designers, students, alumni, and others. A limited number of graduate HRM courses are being offered online for our existing MPS HRM legacy students for the current academic year. If you are a legacy MPS HRM student and have questions about your plan of study, please contact our HRM team at HRM@business.uconn.edu.  If you are a student in another program at UConn, please contact your program advisor if you have any questions.

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